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    Motor mount with a custom base plate.
    Torqeedo motor with a Lure base plate.

    Our motor bracket can be adapted to fit any kayak model; over 30 makes and models to date!
    We specialize in custom installation!

    All Motor packages include:
    • New Minn Kota motor
    • Motor bracket with quick release feature
    • Custom base plate if required
    • Motor wire harness with 60amp fuse
    • Control box with Yak Attack ball mount
    • Tiller arm and steering cables
    • Manual tilt with rope & jam cleat
    • IP68 Watertight Integrity
    • Optional Kill Switch Available
    • One year warranty / Extended Warranty available

    Click here to view or download the Installation Instructions PDF.

  • New!
  • Power Vertical Lift
  • Vertical Lift with Wireless Remote - $345.00
  • Call or Email for Additional Information
  • New!
    Wireless Speed & Steering
    Featuring Minn Kota Variable Speed Motors

    with Copilot Control

    Riptide 45 - $1295.00 | Endura 45 - $1195.00
    One year warranty / Extended Warranty available

    BC Power Yaks

    All motor packages sold exclusively through BC Power Yaks of Palm Harbor, Florida.

    Website: www.bcpoweryaks.com | Email: bcpoweryaks@hotmail.com | Phone: (727) 772-7663

    Pricing Schedule
    MK Endura 30 with 5/3 speed $495.00
    MK Endura 45 with 5/3 speed $695.00
    MK Endura 45 with Variable speed $895.00
    MK Riptide 45 with 5/3 speed $765.00
    MK Riptide 45 with Variable speed $995.00
    MK Riptide 55 with Variable speed $1095.00
    MK Riptide 55 with Variable speed (for two batteries) $1795.00
    DIY Kit for 5/3 speed (everything but the motor) $445.00
    DIY Kit for Variable speed (everything but the motor) $695.00
    Wireless Vertical Lift $345.00
    Power Tilt option $225.00
    Power Stabilizer package (built to fit) $595.00

    DIY Kits Available!
    If you are interested in purchasing one of our motor mount kits but already own a motor, please contact us for additional information. DIY Kits are available with a clamp-on bracket for $315.00. Some restrictions apply.

    Quick Release Feature
    Our quick release feature allows the motor & controls to be removed in secounds! This feature also allows one motor to be interchangeable between multiple kayaks with the purchase of additional brackets only.
    Brent from Galveston, TX
    I have researched long and had for the perfect kit for my Jackson Big Rig. I found the Electric Kayak Company during a Google Search. After a few calls to discuss pricing and options, I ordered the kit with the optional power ram tilt. All I can say is BUY ONE! The install was flawless, the fit and finish of the parts was perfect and the cost blew the competition away! I upgraded to the Riptide 45 motor and the power tilt actuator. The next closest competitor was hundreds of dollars higher, didn't offer the power actuator, and only put a "saltwater coating" on their freshwater motor instead of offering a true saltwater motor. If you are in the market for a trolling motor kit for your kayak, you owe it to yourself to give Bob a call. You won't be disappointed!
    Gary from Jacksonville, FL
    I have this installed on a Wilderness Ride 135. The mounting is very secure and steering is easily controlled with the factory foot pedals adapted to control cables like would be used for a rudder set up. The control box allows speed control, 5 forward and 3 in reverse. The motor can be raised by pushing both pedals and then securing with a retention cord, works well. The motor is held in the down position with a magnet that keeps the motor from riding up when in reverse but is easily over come with the application of both pedals to raise the unit. The battery power is sufficient for an afternoon of fishing if not over used. All of the workmanship on the conversion of the motor, control box, and cables is very professional and is a sealed system. I use this in salt and brackish water. I am very pleased with this set up and highly recommend it.

    Power Tilt
    A custom built power tilt option is available on both the Standard Package and Saltwater Package. Built in limit switches prevent over extension and the custom controls built into our Control Box allow you to control the tilt of your motor from your seat.
    Power Stabilizer
    A specialized stabilizer system that allows for additional stability when using a kayak for fishing. Powered acuators allow the operator to lower the arms when they are needed and raise them when they are not.
    Saltwater Package
    Our Saltwater Package includes everything from the Standard Package but utilizes the Minn Kota Riptide motor.

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    Paypal Financing
    We can now offer Paypal Financing to our customers. This payment method is selected when paying for our product and offers 6 months to pay with approved credit. The transaction is handled completely by Paypal.

    First image is of single seat prototype. Second & Third image are renders of a 2 seat design.
  • Length: 16 Feet 6 Inches
  • Width: 60 Inches
  • Capacity: 500 Pounds
  • Weight: 140 Pounds (with Motor, No Battery)
  • Motor: Minn Kota, Modified by ECKO
  • Construction: Composite w/ Carbon Fiber Reinforcement / Foam Flotation
  • Standard Features
  • Color of Choice
  • Bow & Stem Handles
  • Bow & Stem Eyes
  • Remote Motor Control
  • Transom mounted motor with tilt
  • Minn Kota power center battery box
  • Adjustable foot pedal steering
  • All images are of a single seat prototype.
    Electric Kayak with Standard Features
    Factory Direct Pricing
    Limited Time, Restrictions Apply

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  • 941-357-6677
  • www.electrickayakcompany.com