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Install Guide

Click here to view or download the Installation Instructions PDF. This guide is meant for those that purchased DIY kits.

NuCanoe owners, for an installation guide for the EPS system that NuCanoe offers, please use their installation guide. Once on the website, navigate to Power and then EPS. A direct link to the EPS installation PDF is available here.


We normally ship within 7-10 days after receiving payment. Shipping & handling charges are as follows and based on delivery address time-zone within the continental U.S. Outside the continental U.S. will be quoted as required.

$35.00 (Motor Pkg)
$25.00 (DIY Kit)
$45.00 (Motor Pkg)
$30.00 (DIY Kit)
$55.00 (Motor Pkg)
$40.00 (DIY Kit)
$65.00 (Motor Pkg)
$45.00 (DIY Kit)


Kayaks are inherently unstable. We recommend the use of a stabilizing system (i.e. Scotty) when utilizing electric power. Additionally, securely install the battery in a box or tray, fastened to the hull, as low as possible. Always reduce the power setting when turning, and NEVER stand-up while under power and ALWAYS wear a Personal Floatation Device!


The entire system is covered for two (2) years against structural or component failure. The warranty DOES NOT cover corrosion or cosmetic damage or damage by neglect or abuse. This warranty is limited to repair or replacement at the manufacturers discretion. The manufacturer IS NOT responsible for any loss beyond product repair and replacement. Shipping expense to the manufacturer, if required, is the customers responsibility. Return shipping expense will be paid by the manufacturer. This warranty applies to private as well as commercial use.

Discount Programs

Special Discounts are available to military (active duty and veterans), law enforcement, their immediate families and associated support groups. Please contact us for details!

Dealer discount programs are available to established kayak sales/rental buisnesses or guide services, with no initial stocking requirements. We supply marketing material and will co-op show expenses. Contact us for additional information.


Brent from Galveston, TX - I have researched long and had for the perfect kit for my Jackson Big Rig. I found the Electric Kayak Company during a Google Search. After a few calls to discuss pricing and options, I ordered the kit with the optional power ram tilt. All I can say is BUY ONE! The install was flawless, the fit and finish of the parts was perfect and the cost blew the competition away! I upgraded to the Riptide 45 motor and the power tilt actuator. The next closest competitor was hundreds of dollars higher, didn't offer the power actuator, and only put a "saltwater coating" on their freshwater motor instead of offering a true saltwater motor. If you are in the market for a trolling motor kit for your kayak, you owe it to yourself to give Bob a call. You won't be disappointed!

Gary from Jacksonville, FL - I have this installed on a Wilderness Ride 135. The mounting is very secure and steering is easily controlled with the factory foot pedals adapted to control cables like would be used for a rudder set up. The control box allows speed control, 5 forward and 3 in reverse. The motor can be raised by pushing both pedals and then securing with a retention cord, works well. The motor is held in the down position with a magnet that keeps the motor from riding up when in reverse but is easily over come with the application of both pedals to raise the unit. The battery power is sufficient for an afternoon of fishing if not over used. All of the workmanship on the conversion of the motor, control box, and cables is very professional and is a sealed system. I use this in salt and brackish water. I am very pleased with this set up and highly recommend it.